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CAS Nepal

April 3, 2007

1. What does your organization do?

CAS-Nepal is a non-profit making, non-political community based organization. It was registered with Nepal Government-Chitwan in 2000 & with Social Welfare Council-Nepal in 2001 by highly enthusiastic board members. The primary goal of CAS-Nepal is to make community self -dependent & developed through utilization of local, national and international resources .A special focus is given to uplift the social and economic status of poor and indigenous people through various aid oriented programs. The Organization always deals with people of countryside community offering them some sort of profit making training on business skills, new technology on agriculture and animal husbandry, high value crops and access to market for small farmers and other programs on education and health and sanitation. This offers unique volunteering opportunities for those who want to render their services and support to communities.

2. How many years has it been running?

The community based organization has been running since 2000 A.D focusing on community development.

3. Where is it based?

This organization was registered with Nepal government in Chitwan district. The main office is in chitwan and contact office in kathmandu. It always seeks for rural communities of other districts as well even if it was registered in Chitwan. We have more other rural placements :Nawalparasi,kathmandu,Pokhara And Lumbini of Nepal.

4. What activities does your organisation offer volunteers?

Community Advancement Society-Nepal lets you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and great experience to self by understanding culture and its people. One could have lots of knowledge and experience about the assigned work, Nepali culture, its people and people’ economic status. CAS-Nepal opens your door to see yourself and to help others as well.

It offers volunteering opportunities in the following program areas.

Teaching English in School and Village Learning Center (VLC).
Raise awareness on sanitation and environmental issues.
Develop income generating &training projects on weaving, craft skills, business & marketing skills etc.
Provide administrative support and computer trainings.
Sponsorship Programs (Child Sponsorship, Project Sponsorship& School Sponsorship).
Provide primary health education &health check up.
Financial & expertise support to small farmers.
Research opportunities on desired areas

5. How many volunteers does your organisation help a year?

This organization has been tailored its volunteering approaches to lessen the poverty of rural communities and develop communities through utilization of foreign knowledge and financial aid. We have started our volunteering opportunities just some months back. We aim to tap the school kids, young people and community people for their joint efforts to community development. We aim to bring about 80 volunteers from abroad annually and 40 volunteers from local community.

6. What do people get out of going on a placement with your organisation?

One could have lots of knowledge and experience about the assigned work, Nepali culture, its people and people’ economic status. CAS-Nepal opens your door to see yourself and to help others as well. You would have chance to see the real pictures of rural communities of Nepal. We also provide research opportunities to conduct on volunteers’ desired field. We make placement in such families and locations where volunteers wouldn’t have to worry about their stay and safety. our organization provides accommodation and foods during your volunteering period.


8. How much does a placement with your organisation cost? What does that cost include?

Volunteering in CAS-Nepal is totally funded by volunteers’ fees. We have affordable program cost which includes Application fee and Program fee. We are trying to lesson the cost of volunteering so that anyone could have chance to participate with us.

Application fee: $25

Program Cost:

– Two weeks $250
– One month $350
– One and half month $440
– Two months $530
– Three months $660
– Four months $740
– Five months $800

The above cost includes the following:
– Transportation to and from Kathmandu airport.
– Transportation to and from Placements.
– Accommodation and meal during training period and placement.
– Nepali language and cultural information class.
– Administrative cost.
– Contribution to CAS-Nepal projects e.g. Child learning center and youth mobilization activities in village