Lonely Planet’s Tom Hall picks his top five destinations

Working for one of the world’s largest travel guide companies has its perks, and for Tom Hall, as an editor and spokesperson for sustainable and responsible travel, it’s allowed him to fulfil his travel dreams.

Tom first started working for Lonely Planet eight years ago, and he’s enjoyed the experience.

He said: “I’ve been working for Lonely Planet for eight years and been writing for them for around six years. They are a great company and I’m proud to be involved with producing all the guides. It’s nice to know we’re known as ‘the bible’ for some travellers.”

Tom’s first taste of travel came when his brother took him interrailing around Europe, after that he was hooked.

He said: “I’ve been travelling since a very young age, my first independent trip was at 16 with my brother, we went interrailing around Europe. That was an amazing experience and I’ve been a number of times since then.

“I’ve done a few round the world trips, visited too many countries to remember.”

Tom’s hard pushed to name his top five destinations, but eventually he arrives at a decision. It’s an eclectic mix.

1. New Zealand – It is as beautiful as everyone says and there is a real chance for adventures when you’re there.

2. Chile – When you travel North to South in Chile then you see such dramatic changes in the scenery, the people are extremely friendly.

3. Britain – holidays at home are very underrated, there are some stunning places on our own doorstep, the Lake District and the Highlands of Scotland in particular are great to visit.

4. Tanzania – if you want a varied place then you can’t get much better, the beaches of Zanzibar are everything you’ve dreamed about and then you can head in land to the Rift Valleys of Africa and go on safari.

5. Ethiopia – the place still feels very wild, it’s been unchanged for thousands of years, the people still live the same, there are some amazing natural beauty spots and if they weren’t in Ethiopia then they’d be heralded the world over but unfortunately the country has such a stereotype, of poverty and war.

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