Inspire Kenya: Animal conservation and community work

Inspire Kenya is an organisation that as Matthew Muckle, who founded and owns the company states: “Offers volunteering breaks for people to go and do worthwhile things in Kenya.” These worthwhile projects include working with orphans, wildlife conservation and Inspire Kenya now offers media placements at the Kenyan Times.

The company has been going since 2006 and unlike some other organisations Matt is keen to stress the focus is on the community and not the volunteer themselves.

He said: “We don’t have set dates that we book volunteers in for, they pick the length of time they want to go for. We want people who are willing to put the effort in, and live alongside and within communities.

“There are no frills with these trips, you will be living in remote villages and helping some very poor people try to lead a better life.”

The most popular placement that Inspire Kenya runs is working on conservation projects in the Masaai Mara wildlife park, where volunteers get to see elephants and cheetahs.

The projects that work in orphanages and children’s homes in and around Mombassa are also very popular.

Matt says: “It’s very rewarding work and it gives people an insight into how 70 per cent of the world actually live.

“The conservation projects are becoming very popular because they allow people to feel as though they are saving these animals and it also lets them get up close and personal with the animals.”

Inspire Kenya placements start from around £500 and include all meals and accommodation and a donation is made to the project that the volunteer works on from the payment.

Matt feels that Kenya is a good place to go and volunteer, mainly because it needs volunteers.

He said: “Kenya is a developing country and its infrastructure struggles at evry level. Kenya is safe, hot and the people are very friendly. They need volunteers to keep these community services running and we feel our volunteers will really make a difference, and feel that they have made a difference when they come home.”

Many Inspire Kenya volunteers have been so moved by their experiences that they have decided to sponsor and fund placements even after leaving for home. This sponsorship helps to sustain the projects for years to come.

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