Navigation tweaking, tutor feedback

So I showed Andy Dickinson my site today, and as per usual I ended up with a big long to-do list:

Made the main logo smaller, this was to allow for more of the page to be ‘above the fold’ and make navigation easier. Also a lot of people who I tested the site on thought that the logo was clickable, an advert, or something else, it was confusing my users.

I decreased the white space on the page by tweaking the cell padding and also moving the search function to the secondary promotional bit on the right hand side of the menu templates. This helped to push all my content up the page and within scrollable distance of the user.

The navigation bar was cut, the Archive button has been moved into the right-hand side navigation. This bar has been centred to make the buttons stay together even when the page is maximised.

The disaster volunteering flash feature now has it’s own flash advert, taking some of the top images out of the presentation and making a short advert. Bit annoying how you can’t add a behaviour to a flash image, as this would have allowed me to make it open in a stand alone window. Instead it just opens in a blank window, which isn’t too bad.

The size of the abstract text on the lead article has been increased to keep it in line with the headline and not let it be swamped by the headline.

I’m going to have to do a lot of work on the travel report part of my site, it’s really lacking content at the moment and I need some more pieces to go in there. I’m tempted to dump it completely and focus on filling out the volunteer reports, advice and features sections of my site as these are where the best content is and are also the articles on the blog that get the most traffic.

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