Travelling across South America

Chris Beaumont, 33, Bradford, West Yorkshire, Carpenter and dive master

South America

1. How long are you travelling for?
6-8 months
2. Where in South America are you travelling?
brazil , uruguay , argentina , chile , bolivia , peru , ecuador
3. Is it an easy place to travel around?
The transport network is very good , and like asia , oz, nz s africa the
hostel network is huge , if you can speak a littly spanish much easier ,
4. What places have you been to?
brazil -rio ,- iguazu falls ,- pantanal -buenos aires – ushuai (southern
most city in the world , and now working my way up the west coast
5. What’s been the best bit so far?
All of it
6. What’s been the worst bit so far?
7. What advice would you give people wanting to travel to South America?
Be street wise and be on guard , heard of a lot of muggings and robberies , but mainly young people getting drunk and walking home alone , you wouldn’t do it in Leeds or London so why expect to get away with it here?

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