Templates configured, Rolf Potts and how to be a travel journalist

I’ve sorted out my templates, it’s a hell of a lot easier to run the site when using them because it means I don’t have to change about 50/60 pages myself when I want to make a tweak to the navigation. Glad I figured out how to use them, and it means I can create content and put it straight onto a pre-figured template that I know I won’t have to change once it’s done.

Got two pieces of content up today, Rolf Potts got himself up on the site. Did a nice little picture gallery of his top five places to travel to. Thought that worked well, and I remembered how to do the behaviours so only a little window opens up with the main image. The How to be a travel writer article has been huge for traffic on the blog so I put a lot of effort into it to try and make it look good. Went with the simple Q&A layout for it, as I didn’t think the interview descriptive style worked as well. People have questions and David Browne did a fantastic job of answering them.

I’ve asked David Browne if he’ll write me some stuff for the advice section, be great if he can because he’s an experienced traveller and a really good writer. I like his style.

Got in touch with the two people I need for my ‘disaster volunteering’ flash presentation, hopefully I will get some good images etc and it will come together into a 10-15 slide presentation on flash. Need to get a few more travel reports, but they are taking a while. Might see if I can find some people to write them for me, I’d rather have user-drive content.

Tested the general layout of the website on my mate Ruth yesterday, she wants to be a travel writer when she graduates so she is a good test market. Her comments were:

– professional

– why can’t I click that? (maybe make the headlines into links)

– liked the use of images

– liked the colour scheme

Overall it was very positive feedback. In a week or two I’ll get her to test it again and maybe a couple of other mates, and I’ll get Chris to run a userability test over it as he does a module in that.

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