Disaster volunteering: Helping tsunami victims in Sri Lanka

Sarah Smith
West Yorkshire
Works for a national magazine

Volunteered in Sri Lanka in March helping victims of the tsunami

1) I wanted to volunteer to help out a worthy cause after seeing several
documentaries on tv, and working closely with I-to-I and understanding more
about what they do. I had always wanted to broaden my horizons and step out
of my city life comfort zone.

2)I-to-I were amazing and offered great help and support with good in
country co-ordinators to assist with any issues we had. They were very
committed to our safety also with good structures in place 24/7

3)I was working on a building site helping knock down destroyed houses to
build new ones, teaching children English and also helping at a sea turtle
conservation project.

4) It was a very humbling and moving experience that was very hard at times.
We were living in very basic and uncomfortable conditions but the people
were amazing and it made it very worth while.

5) I was terrified of going alone, but found it to be one of the best
experiences possible. I came back a very happy and confident person, who
realised how much I took for granted back in the UK

6)I have plenty of photos and some video footage of the area

7)We were based in Kosgoda near Galle on the South Coast which was one of
the worst affected areas of the whole Tsunami. There were over 30,000 people
killed and the devastation is still as if it happened only yesterday.
We were working with Orphans and homeless people, and also travelled further
north but were transported back down south when two bombs were dropped by
the Tamil Tigers on Columbo airport.

8) I would only used i-to-I for this type of volunteer travel

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