The Leap: gap year placements

Guy Whitehead

The Leap

1. What does The Leap do?

Check out our website

2. What sort of age profile The Leap caters for?

18 – 60

3. Why has taking a ‘career gap’ become so popular?

People like it, employers are more interested in helping staff, it keeps
people fresh and is a good tool for retaining key staff

4. Do you have any ‘case studies’ I can speak to who have used your services and would be happy to speak to me?

Our website has lots of feedback, I don’t wish to give you names to call
unless I know more about what it will lead to or be used for and if there
are any benefits to the leap

5. Do you have any pictures I can use for the article about The Leap?

I would be happy for you to use a few of ours on our site but you would need
to tell me which ones you are suing and then credit those to us with our
name and weblink please.

Note: The Leap has some really cool flash photo galleries of people out on placements, really well put together. Check this one out, it’s their Africa one.

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