Andean Outreach Programme: profile

Shona Kay
UK Director
Andean Outreach Programme

Been involved with helping setup the UK branch of Andean Outreach, I volunteered in South America and got really involved with my placement.

Our main aim is to source funds for volunteers who plan to go to Peru, Ecuador, Chile etc and undertake projects to help the local people. Volunteers apply to us, and we approve the project if we think it would be beneficial.

We have two organisation partners, ‘Light of Hope’ in Peru and ‘Los Del Mondo’ in Bolivia who provide financial backing and experience.

We have one volunteer in Peru who is helping to build toilets and improve the sanitation system for a community. At the moment there are only two toilets in the whole school, one for boys and one for girls, but with the help of $500 then our volunteer will help to improve the community. The idea is that volunteers think up the projects themselves, apply for the funding, plan everything and implement it themselves. There’s no middle man.

They get the satisfaction of going to somewhere else and really making a long-term difference to people’s lives. Some volunteers just go and teach for two weeks in a foreign country and they don’t see it making a difference, we feel that our projects will allow the volunteers to see something that is there, it’s physical and makes a lasting impact.

We’re hoping to give three grants out over the next year.

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