First Choice buys out meaningful travel firm

Meaningful travel company i-to-i is just one of three businesses purchased by holiday provider First Choice.

i-to-i was part of a buyout that saw First Choice spending £16.6m to extend its portfolio of travel companies.

The two other businesses, iExplore and TKJ Pty Ltd, will join i-to-i in making up the First Choice activity holiday sector.

Chief executive of First Choice, Peter Long, said: “We have established a leading presence in the adventure travel market, not only in the UK but also internationally.

“We have led the way in consolidating this fragmented growth area and these three businesses give us the opportunity to enter new segments of the market place, broaden our product range, and offer exciting growth prospects and wider-scale future development prospects.”


Deirdre Bounds, who started i-to-i, said: “i-to-i is a company full of passion but we’ve been out there on our own in this industry and we were a bit war weary.

“We have now got offices around the world and we needed more distribution channels, which is what First Choice has.”

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