Carbon footprint awareness boosts rail travel

A growing awareness of leaving a ‘carbon footprint’ while travelling has boosted rail holidays and business trips.


Rail operators in Europe are seeing a huge increase in demand for their inter-rail tickets, as cheap flights fall out of favour with environmentally friendly travellers.


Stephanie Draper, spokesperson for Forum for the Future, a sustainable development charity, said: “I think the whole agenda has been set now with aviation being in the spotlight.


“People are waking up to the fact that we need to deal with environmental problems and the way you travel is a big part of that. One return flight to New York can blow your carbon balance for the year.


“It’s become more pleasant and more productive to travel by train, especially to European destinations.”


New high speed rail links across the continent have also been linked to the rise in demand, as they cut down journey times and allow travellers to see more on their trips.


The TGV train system in France has been extended to cut the journey time from Paris to Strasbourg from four to two hours.


Ana Diaseseixas, international marketing manager for Eurail Group, said: “Which other travel product offers the possibility to young people, who make up 70 per cent of Interrailers, to travel without having to book in advance?

”It is possible to buy an InterRail Pass and jump on the train the same day. It means no planning, no reservation, pure adventure and freedom.”

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