Travel report: Amy Jenkins in central america

Amy Jenkins


1. How old are you? – 21
2. Where are you from? – Glasgow, Scotland.
3. Are you a student? If so, what do you study and where do you study? – Yup, American Studies at Edinburgh University.
4. Where did you travel to and how long for? – I’ve been to lots of places, but most recently went backpacking through Guatemala and Honduras for a total of 5 weeks.
5. Who did you go with? – I went by myself, but attended a Spanish School in Antigua, Guatemala for the first couple of weeks were I met people I did some travelling with, and also met loads of people along the way.
6. If you went with a volunteer organisation, who was it? – n/a
7. What did you do on your placement? – n/a
8. What was the best bit about traveling?- Waking up in the morning and not knowing where you’ll be by the end of the day, and it didn’t matter. It’s really exciting and liberating. Travelling ”solo” gives you such an amazing sense of being independent and doing whatever you please. I also met loads of really cool and interesting people that you wouldn’t necessarily meet in normal daily life. The hot weather was great aswell!
9. What was the worst bit? – I love love love travelling so I wouldn’t say there’s really anything bad enough to put me off, but the cold showers and language barriers were occasionally frustrating.
10. Do you plan to travel in the future? If so, where to and why? – I plan to travel as much and as far as possible for the rest of my life! This summer I’m going to Spain for a couple of weeks, Cuba for a couple of weeks, then I’m moving to Germany for 3 or 4 months for an internship in Berlin and will hopefully see a lot of Europe during that time. I desperately want to go back to Central and South America, I love the energy and vibrancy of Latin America, the streets are literally pulsing. I also want to do a massive trip through Asia, maybe for about a year or so. I’m also looking a number of volunteer projects to do with Coral Reef conservation, something I became really interested in when I did my Advanced Level Scuba Diving course in Honduras. I’ve also been looking at projects helping Orangutans in Borneo. I think the next time I go on somewhere for a long period of time, I want to be involved in some kind of conservation or volunteer organization.
11. Do you have pictures or videos from your trip? (If yes, then can you send them to me, or do you have them hosted anywhere online?) They’re all on my facebook albums!

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